Where we came from, what we do, what we’ve done, where we’re going….


The Jack Kohler Campership Association, now known as the Jack Kohler - Suanhacky Campership Association. For our 30th anniversary, let’s reflect on our origins and history. How did this organization come around, who are we, why was the organization started, what are our objectives and goals? These and other questions, we hope to answer in this presentation, reflecting on our first 30 years.

Who was Jack Kohler and what was it that inspired an organization in his honor?

Jack Kohler was a 50+ year member of the Boy Scouts. He was beloved by young and old alike. Over the years he made friends and had a strong love of Scout camping, especially Ten Mile River and Suanhacky Lodge.

Jack was an outgoing, joyful gentleman. He was heavily involved with all Queens Scouting activities. Then, in celebration for his 50 years of service his friends threw a surprise party for him in 1982 at Queens College and over 400 Scouting & friends attended.

October 1982: Jack’s 50TH year in Scouting Surprise Party held at Queens College. Roy Kramer, Jack Kohler, Mitch Morgenstern
Leaders of Queens Council 1960’s-70’s (L-R) Bill Phillips, Joe Slater, Council President Rusa, Jack Kohler, Murray Juvelier, Dan Garvey, kneeling is Harold Edwards at the 1976 Queens Bi-Centennial Muster Camporee

Jack was recipient of numerous awards and honors, such as the Vigil Honor, Silver Beaver, and was the first Arrowman in the nation to be awarded the Order of the Arrow Founders Award. Since his passing, Jack has since been inducted into the TMR Hall of Fame and also enshrined along with the Association on the TMR Wall of Fame.

TMR Wall of Fame: Kohler Association Plaque 2nd row, 1st on from Left.

Jack began as a young Scout in Elmhurst Queens. The second son of a New York City Police Lieutenant and a hard working bookkeeper, housewife, he was lucky to enjoy summers at Ten Mile River’s Camp Man, along with thousands of other fellow Scouts from Queens.
Like many other young men from Scouting, when World War II broke out, Jack joined the U.S. Army. He went off to Europe to fight the Axis, putting some of what he learned at Ten Mile River to good use on the road to victory.
Upon his return from the Army, he again renewed his association with the Boy Scouts, Suanhacky and Ten Mile River. Jack became the Advisor of Suanhacky Lodge from 1952 till 1956 and also a member of the Greater New York Council Camping Committee. He was instrumental in allowing the OA a larger presence in TMR, hand was one of the key planners behind the building of the Suanhacky Lodge House.

Jack Kohler served as the very first Advisor to the 5 Lodges of New York City

In addition to his duties with Suanhacky and on the GNYC Camping Committee, Jack was appointed the first advisor overseeing the 5 Lodges of New York City, a position that our own Mitch Morgenstern would later hold.
Suanhacky had a rich history of tradition and service that Jack Kohler strived to maintain and grow. Jack Kohler was instrumental in seeing that the OA lived up to its founding principles of promoting and serving Scout Camping at camp and back home in Queens.

For his career, Jack worked for the City of New York, becoming the Director of Social Services for Kings County. In this capacity, he was able to put to use much of the Scout Law, Friendly, Kind, Courteous, to help families that needed assistance.

Brooklyn Boro Hall Jack Worked here in the Department of Social Services


Camp Man

Jack still would spend many weeks, every summer at camp, either as a Scoutmaster, or serving as a Staff man in one capacity or another. Jack became quite involved with the Camp Shows each summer, which is one of the reasons he was given the Lenape name- Achewelon, translated as Actor, when he was awarded the Vigil Honor.

Bob Massard, Walter Engel,Phil Schiffman, Pop Drewes, Marty Surks, Jack Kohler, Perry King,(kneeling) Guenther Hecht at Camp Man 1951

Pierre Thyvaert, Jack Kohler and unidentified Camp Man Staff man in one of the camp shows.

1973 Lodge Training Conference at Camp Alpine

Jack continued with serving camp year round as the Queens Council Camping Chairman for a tenure of over 25 years. He also began his second stint as Advisor to Suanhacky Lodge in 1972 thru 1979.

As the Camping Chairman, he instituted a program of having the Suanhacky Chief as part of the committee, in the position of Recording Secretary. He also saw to it that the Lodge conducted a Council wide and also district wide camp promotions and service projects each year.

Queens Council Camping Committee on TMR inspection- Summer 1974

Jack so loved Ten Mile River, that he bought property near the camp in Barryville, NY and after his retirement from New York City moved up there full time. He had an open camp policy in Barryville, where he would often allow anyone, Scouts or not, to camp on his property to enjoy the outdoors.

Barryville on the Delaware became home to Jack and many guest over the years

Jack directed Camp Kernochan in 1976

Jack directed Camp Keowa in 1977

Jack Kohler: Gone Home July 1983

Jack Kohler dedicated his life and energies to Ten Mile River, Scout Camping, Suanhacky Lodge and his friends.
Jack passed away after a brief hospitalization in July 1983. His friends, OA Brothers and Scouting comrades felt the loss of Jack in many ways.


The Founding Fathers:
Mitch Morgenstern, Murray Juvelier, Denis Sackett, Bill Schieb

After Jack Kohler passed away, the same Scouter friends, spearheaded by Mitch Morgenstern, along with Murray Juvelier, Denis Sackett and Bill Schieb, the same crew who had organized the 50th Anniversary of Jack's Scouting Dinner-Dance, got together to see about doing something to honor their friend, mentor, brother.

How to honor a man who devoted his life to Ten Mile River, promoting camp, the Order of the Arrow?

First things first and the founders approached GNYC/Queens Council executives to advise them of the desire to do something to honor Jack’s memory and at the same time, help Scouts within Queens/GNYC.

The organization was given the Council blessing to go forth and multiply.

"To provide financial assistance to Queens Boy Scouts so that they may attend the long term Summer Scout Camp of Greater New York Council, Ten Mile River"

It was decided that creating a fund, to help Scouts from Queens who needed some financial aid, was a wonderful tribute to Jack.

We would "Help Make Every Scout A Camper" It was further planned, to make it an organization that would have a perpetual reason for being, by raising the campership funds, going into the future.

A number of Scouters who showed interest in such an organization were invited to the inaugural meeting of the Association at Queens College in early 1986.

Bylaws were drafted for the organization.

Our purpose as stated:
1.To perpetuate the feeling of fellowship, love of camping and Scout Spirit that Jack Kohler lived by. This is achieved through many programs we organize and/ or support.
2.To provide financial assistance to Queens Boy Scouts so that they may attend the long term Summer Scout Camp of Greater New York Council, Ten Mile River

Queens College, the site of Jack Kohlers50th anniversary in Scouting Dinner-Dance & the first number of Association meetings

Once this organizational outline was formalized, a search for an initial Board of Directors was done. To find Scouters who knew Jack Kohler, worked with him in Camping, in the OA, or other aspects of Scouting.

Jack Kohler Campership Association 1st patch 1986

Fellowship - Brotherhood - Cheerfulness

In addition, it would also help support Suanhacky Lodge with advice, certain financial help to offset cost to programs and try to bring back former members of Scouting and the OA back into the fold to some degree. An alumni if you will.

The Association has brought together Scouters from days gone by…

(LtoR) Donal McCarthy 1940’s & 50’s Camp Man Staff, Denis Sackett 1973-74 Lodge Chief, Guenther ‘Gunner’ Hecht 1950-51 Lodge Chief, Mitch Morgenstern Queens Camping Comm 1970’s-80’s, Lance DePlante Rockaway Chief & Camp Lakeside 1950’s

Further, because Jack was so full of joy and fellowship, the organization would try to have fun, fellowship activities that Jack would have loved to have been part of.

The original, Founding Board members were nominated and voted in at the first association meeting held at Queens College.
•Mitch Morgenstern
•Murray Juvelier
•Bill Schieb
•Father Barry Frazzitta
•Larry Offsey
•Frank Janoscak
•Barry Magid
•Roy Kramer
•Denis Sackett
•Jerry Reimer
•Cliff Follenius
•Lenny Rasmussen
•Vincent Kohler
•Pierre Thyvaert

Over the years we have lost a number of our Board members and expanded the ranks to be more inclusive of Scouters from the area.

Todays, Jack Kohler-Suanhacky Board of Directors are:

Mitch Morgenstern Chairman

Bruce Cobern

George Cuhaj

Kevin Dolce

Brother Hugh Dymski

Elizabeth Figueroa

Dennis Gaynor

Michael Lectora

Deacon Paul Lumpkin

Robert Petrillo

Ed Pino

John Pritchard

Paul Romain

Denis Sackett

Mike Schulte

Pierre Thyvaert

Anthony Zalak

Gordon Bennett

Art Brace

Ralph Calman

Tom Evans

Cliff Follenius

Father Barry Frazzitta

Murray Juvelier

Vince Kohler

Jerry Reimer

Bill Schieb

Jim Tranchina

(Standing) Bruce Cobern, Mike Lectora, Kevin Dolce, Ed Pino, Anthony Zalak, John Pritchard, Dennis Gaynor, Rob Petrillo, Paul Romain. Seated: (L to R) Mitch Morgenstern, Elizabeth Figueroa, Tom Evan,Denis Sackett

(Top row) John Pritchard, Bruce Cobern, Dennis Gaynor (Middle Row) Tom Evans, Elizabeth Figueroa, Denis Sackett(Seated) Robe Petrillo, Mitch Morgenstern, Art Brace, Gordon Bennett

The Association grew, especially with those who held TMR memories in high esteem

TMR Director Frank Rickenbaugh & Father Barry Frazzitta at the Association’s second meeting in Spring of 1986 at Queens College where we presented TMR with a set of American flags

Early on the group grew by word of mouth and various mailings. We reached out to old TMR scouts & staff from Queens. We visited Round Tables to announce who we were and were hoping to do. We put word out in local newspapers. Board members were active in Scouting and spoke to their friends about joining our crusade to help make every Scout a camper. Soon we had people joining, not only from Queens, but from New Jersey, Brooklyn, Upstate New York, California, Florida, Puerto Rico, Massachusetts and other areas, including Kazakhstan.

Jack Kohler-Suanhacky Campership Association has helped open up Scouts to all of what TMR has to offer

The summer of 1986, the first camperships were awarded to 8 Scouts from Queens. So as not to have conflicts with how GNYC gave out camperships or the criteria they used, we advised Council that we would be awarding camperships in excess to whatever the council was going to do, so as not to cut down on what would have been going out to begin with.

We asked them to tell us what Scouts and Units needed the assistance. We’ve operated more or that way ever since.

The following year 12 Scouts received our assistance. Each year we would try to match what we did the previous year or increase it, eventually awarding 32 camperships a summer for a number of years. As camp fees kept growing, we revamped the amount we would give to individual Scouts, based on their specific needs.

Trade-O-Rees & Kohler Kon

Early on, we realized the need to raise funds for future camperships, because dues alone would not do the trick.

We asked folks to donate Scouting memorabilia that we would then sell at various Trade-o-rees.

This became very successful for us and we continue that to this day. We started our own style flea market named KOHLER-KON, similar to a Comic Con for Scouting, Comic Book and Action Hero collectors. We now, not only visit local trade-o-rees, but will sometimes sell l on Ebay, or advertise many items we have on the Association web site.

Over the years we have raised thousands of dollars by trying to keep up with the desire for Scout memorabilia. We were an original partner with Suanhacky Lodge when they had annual Trade-o-rees. We’ve been attending many Trade-o-rees ever since and selling Scouting memorabilia has been very successful ventures for us.

Kohler Barbecue!
We offered great food to all on the
OA Memorial Day Weekend

We also wanted to have fellowship activities, and out of this our annual Memorial Day Barbecue was born. At first it was for members only, on the Saturday of Memorial Day weekend at Ten Mile River. Then we recognized conflicts that had with other weekend events, so it was then decided to do it on Friday evening of the weekend, and those arriving would not have to stop on the way to TMR and could come straight to camp and have a good meal before the weekend began. We opened it to all attending , with members eating for free and none members paying a nominal fee to cover some of our cost. Changes in the local Order of the Arrow scheduling precluded us from continuing this program after many years.

Kohler Cooking Crew:(L to R) Art Brace, Charlene Louiseau, Denis Sackett, Jim Tranchina, Paul Lumpkin, Bill Schieb, Mitch Morgenstern, Jason Schieb


Early on, we recognized the value of formal receptions to honor Some others in Scouting. Our idea of the OUTSTANDING SCOUTER AWARD OF EXCELLENCE was born out of this. Our very first recipient in 1988, was Father Barry Frazzitta at a Dinner Dance held in Queens College. Two years later, in 1990, we honored Queens Council Executive, Dennis St. Jean. We have been thrilled to honor many deserving Scouters since then. {Many reciepients shown in these photos.}









































































I’m A Kohler Camper Award

An award we created to promoter weekend camping, District Camporees and TMR Camping {3 different issues of the patch}

In our desire to help promote Scout Camping, we developed the "I'm A Kohler Camper" award program. Open to any and all Scouts this program rewarded scouts that went on weekend camp outs, participated in District Camp-o-rees and attended TMR. Scouts would receive an "I'm a Kohler Camper"patch and certificate from us if they achieved the achievable goals of this award. This program lasted 20+ years and hundreds of Scouts received their Kohler award.

Inaugural Heritage Society Induction

Memorial Day Weekend 1989

Our friend and Council Exec at the time, Dennis St. Jean came up with a wonderful idea for us to help accomplish some of our goals. Dennis knew we needed to raise money for the camperships, he also knew we wanted to honor folks from Scouting who in many cases were not receiving recognition for their time and devotion.

He suggested a "Heritage Society" where donations could be made in some ones name. We took that idea and ran with it, by making a plaque and getting it approved to hang at Scout Camp for all to see. To date the Heritage Society has been one of our most successful on going fund raisers.

Before it became the Jack Kohler Cabin,
it was known as B-Shelter

At Camp Alpine, there was a rundown cabin, B-Shelter that our Association adopted and started putting funds and man hours into, so that it would not have to be torn down due to negligence, as so many structures in our camps had happen over the years.

We helped get new electric, new appliances, windows, flooring, bunks, we had work weekend and painted. In recognition for what the Association had done for the cabin, it was renamed by Greater New York Councils, The Jack Kohler Cabin.

Dedication of the Jack Kohler Cabin
September 8, 2007

We had a dedication ceremony to unveil the new name that was a fun time for everyone. We continue to fund upkeep for the cabin, recently having new doors put in and committing to new lighting as well.

Association member
John Williamson, NYPD
Killed in the Line of Duty

When tragedy struck our community, with the murder of our Association member and New York City Police Officer, John Williamson, or Association wanted to do something to honor this hero. Because John was active in the OA, was involved with training, the Association decided to do something to fulfill some of his priorities.

We established a Scholarship in John’s name for OA youth members to earn to attend a NOAC. The John Williamson NOAC Scholarship has awarded over a dozen scholarships for Queens OA youth brothers to attend NOAC since its inception in 1993

A recipient of the Williamson NOAC Scholarship and Chairman Morgenstern

Barnaby Beagle

Through most of the 1960’2-early 80’s Jack was often seen around camp or various events with his dog, Barnaby Beagle.

Royal Order of Barnaby Award

A way for us to thank those who have worked especially hard for our Association, from time to time have been awarded a special recognition, the Royal Order of Barnaby Award. As it says on the certificate, not because you look like a dog, or smell like a dog, but because you work like a dog for the Association.

Honor Roll :

Murray Juvelier :1995
Kevin Dolce : 1995
Art Brace : 1996
Ralph Calman : 1996
Denis Sackett : 1999
Jason Scheib : 2003
Elizabeth & Hector Figueroa: 2006
Monica & Tom Evans :2006

Some of what we have accomplished…

Over the years the Association has gotten involved with many other venues to help strengthen and improve upon the Scout Camping experiences of the Queens Scouts.

Funded improvements to Suanhacky Lodge House

Had signs produced and placed on the grounds of old Camp Man
Created a special limited edition Flap honoring history of Suanhacky and welcoming new NYC OA Lodge

Created an English-Lenape Dictionary, underwrote and produced a History of Queens Council brochure

Sponsored Cracker Barrels at Lodge events

Underwrote spaghetti dinners for camp promotion nights

Helped with cost and manpower for the Father Barry Chapel at Alpine

Vigil Honor Breakfast underwritten by the Association to offset extra cost
Created a special limited edition CSP set to allow our members to show off their pride of being Kohler Members and also to honor Eagle Scouts.
Red = All Members; Gold = Lifetime;
Silver = Directors; White = Eagle Scout

Gave out a special gift patch to honor Vigil Brother of Suanhacky for all their dedicated work and service

Support and promote Alumni Days at TMR,
bringing together old friends and making new ones

Kohler-Suanhacky members have been present at all TMR Alumni Day, with many ‘old timers’ often showing up

Ten Mile River Museum
We have supported the TMR Museum, with promoting it, visiting it and we have also given the museum, on loan, items of historical interest from Camp Man Suanhacky & Queens.


Thanks for thinking of us

Dedication of the Jack Kohler Cabin
September 8, 2007

Greater New York Councils renamed the Camp Alpine B-Shelter, The Jack Kohler Cabin

Cabin dedication (L to R): Henry Zalak, Tom Reilly, Anthony Zalak, Fred Gervat, Richard Cochran, Art Brace, Ed Pino, Denis Sackett, Elizabeth Figueroa, Dennis Gaynor, Mitch Morgenstern, Gordon Bennett, Bruce Cobern, Paul Romain, Paul Lumpkin.

National Council, Boy Scouts of America
Whitney M. Young Jr. Service Award

The Whitney M. Young Jr. Service Award recognizes outstanding service by an adult or an organization for demonstrated involvement in the development and implementation of Scouting opportunities for youth from low-income backgrounds.

BSA Whitney Award presented to the Association. Presentation was made by GNYC Scout Executive Ethan Draddy and presented to Mitch Morgenstern on behalf of the organization November 9, 2015

NYC shows appreciation for our Associations
good deeds by proclamation

November 13, 2011 declared Jack Kohler Campership Association Day in New York City

The City of New York, declaring the date November 13, 2011 as Jack Kohler Campership Association Day in New York City in commemoration of 25 years of service.

The proclamation was presented by a member of the New York City Council at our 2011 luncheon.


What's In A Name?


In fall of 2012, with the merging of the 5 New York City Orer of ther Arrow Lodges, Suanhacky Lodge #49 would cease to exist as it was known. Because of the very close ties of the Kohler Association and Suanhacky Lodge, the Association Board of Directors unanimously voted to include Suanhacky in our name, to help keep the name Suanhacky and its spirit living on, hence we became the Jack Kohler Suanhacky Campership Association.

Looking Towards the Future

The Jack Kohler-Suanhacky Campership Association work will carry on supporting the Scouts of Queens with financial assistance so that they may continue to get the most out of Scouting at Ten Mile River.

We have shown that we are an important spoke in the wheel of Scouting. We have given the opportunity to Scouts to go to Ten Mile River and Cub World, who may otherwise not have been able to afford it. The Association has also helped finance other activities that we feel strongly about.

The Association has been able to link up with and get former Scouts and Scouters back involved to some degree, allowing them to share some of their experiences with others.

We do not know what the future holds in store, but we do know that the Jack Kohler-Suanhacky Campership Association, will give it the old Scouting try and spirit to succeed in our goal of “Helping Make Every Scout Camper”.