heritage recipents 2010

Jack Kohler
Heritage Society

In 1989, the Association created the HERITAGE SOCIETY as a way for people to honor, recognize and say thank you. The HERITAGE SOCIETY is an Honor Roll Plaque, that is on display at Alpine Scout Camp, New Jersey. Anyone can add a name to the Society Plaque. You can add your own name, a parent, a friend, troop, camp, co-worker, pack, anyone! It is a wonderful way to pay tribute and honor a person or group, or also memorialize someone. The plaque is a beautiful wooden base with brass engraved name plates placed on it. It measures more than 15 square feet and can be viewed by all at camp. There is also a replica of the original plaque that hangs in the Ten Mile River Scout Camp Museum for viewing as well.

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Please make the donation first. You will be contacted regarding honoree's information.

Current Inductees


Balfour Abrams Scoutmaster 1998
Ronny S. Albuja Lead, Follow, or Get out of the way 2010
Barbara Ashman Scoutmaster Troop 82 The Heart & Soul of Tomahawk 2008*
Steven Benini Suanhacky Lodge Chief 1988-1989 2015
Gordon Bennett Scoutmaster Troop 106 2009
Alvin Bergsohn Family, Friends, Baseball & Comics: September 11, 2001 2003*
Albert Betrolone Scoutmaster 1994*
Rita Lynn Binder Dedicated Leader 2006
Blondie's Treehouse Friends of The Kohler Association 1993
Arthur H. Brace District Camping Chairman 1992
Arthur W. Brace A True Brother in Every Way 2002
Mabel E. Brace Den Mother 1993
Joe Bradley "YES" 2013*
Bendict G. Breitung Camp Man Staff 1951-1952 1993
Joseph H. Brinton Executive/Co-Founder-Suanhacky Lodge 1994*
Edward A. Burns Troop 142
Scoutmaster & Friend
Ralph Calman 50 Years Plus in Scouting 1994*
Jay & Kathy Carrescia Dedicated Scouters, Troop 80 Staten Island 2005
Dottie Cary Beloved Friend 2007*
Robert Cavagnaro Scoutmaster Troop 80, Staten Island 2004
Sal Ciampo Dedicated Scouter 2015
Bruce E. Cobern Dedicated Scouter and Arrowman 2003
Richard Cochran Suanhacky Lodge: Treasurer, Membership & Executive Secretary 1978-1981 2009
Kenneth Corell Dedicated Scouter 2003*
Tom Corola Sr. North District Camping Chairman 2001*
Eileen & George Cuhaj 25 Years of Scouting, Troop & Pack 90 1994
Jim DeBonet Asst. District Commissioner 2011
Ralph DeFalco The Scoutmaster's Scoutmaster 2008
Joe Dericco Founders District Scouter 2002*
Alfred B. Docket Jr. Pioneer District Scouter 1998*
Kevin Dolce Suanhacky Lodge Advisor 1997
Irving Drillings Unit Commissioner 1989*
Dr. Andrew "Ace" Eisele Friend of the Kohler Association 1991
John Henry Eisele A Friend of the Kohler Association 1998*
Walter Engle Suanhacky Lodge Chief, 1952-1953 1994*
Tom & Monica Evans Kohler Kons 2008
Elizabeth & Hector Figueroa Kohler Cooks 1999
Big Cliff & Little Cliff Folenius A Scouting Family 1994**
Louis Franco Scoutmaster, Sergeant Major: Retired 1998*
Father Barry Frazzitta Our Padre 1999
Shirley Freilich Full of Love & Good Cheer 1993*
Justice Charles W. Frossel Queens Council President & Founder 1994*
Daniel Gasparo Scout Executive, GNYC 2004
Fred M. Gervat Scouter and Teacher of Queens Scouts 2011
Peter Gramsch Scoutmaster 1998*
Charles T. Hager Scoutmaster 2004
Guenther 'Gunner' Hecht Suanhacky Lodge Chief 1949-50 2007
Leo Hedbavny, Jr. Queens Council Commissioner 2011
Nathan Henin Scoutmaster 1989
Peter J. Hermann Camp Man Camp Staff    1949-1955 1994
Howard S. Hopkins Scoutmaster Troop 383 2001*
Larry Hudson A True Scouter 1993*
Frank Imossi A Camping and Caring Dad 2001
Fred Jarecki Bronx Camping Chairman 2000*
Henry Joerz Builder Who Reaches the Stars 1994*
Murray Juvelier Scouting Leader 1990
Kintecoying Lodge #4 The Legacy Continues 2013
Leona & Jack Knoops Gateway Scouters 1994
Al Kobe Suanhacky Head Chef
(No Name)
Frances Kohler A Campers Friend 2001*
Jack Kohler Queens Camping Chairman 1989*
Vincent D. Kohler A Friend of Queens Scouts 2003*
Roy Kramer From Scout to Scouter 1994
Ed Kruzik Scoutmaster 2009
Mae Kruzik Beloved Wife, Mother & Veteran Scouter 2004*
Michael B. Lectora Suanhacky Lodge Adviser 2002-2005 2009
Armand Lessard Lakeside Staff 1956-1957 1994*
Deacon Paul Lumpkin TMR Chaplain 2000-2010 2010
Muriel Mason A Friend of Scouting 1989*
Eleanor Maeurer A Scouting Wife, Mother & Grandmother 2005
Diane A. Maeurer One Who Gave More To Others Than Herself, Always With God, In Scouting 2005*
Robert C. Maeurer A Bicyclist, Assistant District Commissioner 2005*
Donal F. McCarthy Camp Man Staff 1949-1952, Ass't SM 1990
Lori McGregor Dedicated Scouter and Mother 2015
Jim McKay No Name 2011
Al Merck One Heck of a Guy 1994*
Dion McQueen Never Forgotten 2006*
Harry Meyer Gateway District Chairman 1991*
Jack Morgenstern Neighborhood Commissioner 1989*
Mitch Morgenstern Queens Council Camping Chairman 1992
Esther Morgentstern Den Mother 1997*
Muriel Morgenstern Beloved Wife and Friend 2009*
Robert Natt Ten Mile River Camper 1998
M. Ernest Nelson Lowaneu Tuney Chapter Advisor 1994*
Ron Newsam Suanhacky Lodge Adviser "One Who Signals With Smoke" 2008
Nianque Chapter Suanhacky Lodge WWW#49 1964-96 1997*
No Names Suanhacky Cooking Crew
1980 - 2013
Marguerite Nonni Pioneer Scouter 2011
Joseph Nuemann Jr. Suanhacky Lodge Advisor, 1952-1953 1994*
Rein Olvet Dedicated Scouter 2015
Richard Allen Perlman 09/11/2001 2001*
Ines S. Perugachi From Your Son, Love, Ronny Albuja, Gracias Por Todo Mama 2005
Bill Phillips District Chairman 1989*
John Pinezich Queens Council President 1989*
Ed Pino From Scout to Dedicated Scouter
Lodge Chief 1968-69
Ernst Pino Scoutmaster Troop 109 2007
Pioneer District Queens Council 1974 – 1996 1997*
David Pretto An Involved Parent 1991*
Randolph Pretto A Good Scout & Brother 1993*
Bertha Pritchard Den Mother and Outdoor Enthusiast 2008*
John Pritchard Suanhacky Lodge Advisor 1992
Robert Prokesch District Camp Staff 2007
I. John Raith District Chairman 1993*
Joan Rasmusson A Friend of Scouting 1989*
Jerry Reimer A Friend to All Scouts 1992
Millie & David Risueno & Sons Pack 142 and Troop 142 2012
Paul "Spuds" Romain Leader Adviser and Friend 2011
Chuck Romero District Chairman 1989*
John Romonovich Mover and Shaker 2011
Norman Russakoff Chief of All Chiefs Suanhacky Lodge 1963-1965 2015*
Denis Sackett Suanhacky Lodge Chief 1973-1974 1991
Irving “Yitzel” Sackett Service To God & Country 1993*
Lester & Lillian Sackett Scouting Parents 1990
Ellen M. Scheib Beloved Wife & Mother 2003*
William A. Scheib Commissioner 1990*
Dorothy Schmitt Pioneer District 1997*
William Schmitt Pioneer Owl 1996*
Jay Schnapp Ten Mile River Scout & Staffman 1990
L. Roper Shamhart Suanhacky Lodge Advisor 1997
Ralph Sherman Queens Jewish Committee 1989*
Thomas Smith Dedicated Friend 2009
Andrea Smith-Dacres One Who Wears Many Hats Since 1988 2015
Dennis St. Jean Queens Council Scout Executive 1990
Suanhacky Lodge Order of the Arrow Lodge #49 1990
Suanhacky Lodge #49 The Spirit of the Stag Lives On 1930 - 2013 2013*
John (Jack) Sullivan Scoutmaster Emeritus Troop 349 2010
Martin I. Surks Camp Man Staff 1949-1952 1994
Hon. Edward Thompson Queens Council President 1989*
Pierre Thyvaert Queens Scout Executive 1989
Andrew Tranchina Pioneer Roundtable Commissioner 1992*
James Tranchina Scoutmaster 2011*
Troop 20, Queens College Point: Leaders Past & Present 2001
Troop 90, Queens Astoria, New York 2009
Russell A. Turner Co-Founder of Suanhacky Lodge 1994*
Dan Ursomanno "It Has To Be Fun" Troop 80 Staten Island 2007
Dominic Vagnone Pioneer District Commissioner 2009*
Vito Vitiello Vigil Honor Brother, Dedicated Brother 2005*
Frank Wallace A Friend of Scouting 1991*
Theresa Wallace Helping Other People At All Times 1993*
George Wallacer Pioneer District Scouter 2000*
George A Walsh A Scouter…..Forever 2008*
Stephan Walsh We Love You 2008*
John Williamson Scouting’s Finest 1994*
Lou Winter A True Scouter 2009*
Cindia Wong Dedicated Sister 2006
Jennifer Yee A Friend of Scouting 1998*
Anthony Zalak Faithful Scouter and Son 2011
Henry Zalak A Father And Friend To All 2008

" * " Deceased at time of induction