Campers welcoming new scouts to camp

Opening Campfire

Pierre Thyvaert, Jack Kohler and another staffer
ham it up at campfire

Camp Man Waterfront

Camp Lakeside Waterfront

Unknown Unit at camp, 1952

Unknown Unit at camp, 1952

Unknown Unit at camp, 1953

The Camp Man Band

Lakeside Nature Lodge

Camp Director Thyvaert, Lance DePlante & others

Lou Eberspeacher
Camp Man Director, 1951

Land Ship Amochol
Crystal Lake, Camp Man, 1950

Staff participating in
the Camp Man Evening Retreat Ceremony, 1951

Don McCarthy
Kernochan Dinning Hall Steward
(with Camp Man Cannon)

Lance DePlante
Then - Amochol Crew early 50's (in Nature Lodge),
was also a member of Jack's TMR Troop.
Now - Currently lives in New Hamsphire

1944 staff
1944 Staff

1950 Staff

1951 Staff

1952 Staff

1956 Lakeside Staff

1951 Camp Staffers
Bob Massard, Walter Engel, Phil (Petunia) Shiffman,
Pop Drewes, Marty Surks, Jack Kohler, Perry King,
Gunther Hecht (on floor)

Suanhacky Post-Ceremony, 1940

Suanhacky Ritual Team, 1950

President FDR visits TMR & joins Suanhacky Lodge


Stand up and Cheer

Stand up and Cheer!
Stand up and give three cheers for Camp Man
For, today, we rise
Our colors high above the rest
Camp Man of Queens
Is the place were real Scouts go
We’ve got the rep, rah! Rah!
We’ve got the pep, rah! Rah!
And we’re her for lots of fun.
Rah, rah, rah! (and repeat)

End of a Camp Man Day

When you come to the end of a Camp Man day,
And you sit in the Camp-fire light.
And the sky has turned from blue to grey
With the shades of the coming night.
Do you think what the end of a Camp Man day can
Mean in a Boy Scout’s life?
When the bugle calls and the flag comes down
We’re at peace in a world of strife.

Well this is the end of a Camp Man day,
Near the end of our camping too;
And the days that have passed cannot be recalled,
But what have they meant to you?
For we’ve camped by the side of this quite lake,
And the paths in the forests trod;
All nature has opened her books for us,
And we’ve closer grown to God.


Softly floats the music o’er the hill,
Borne gently by the evening breeze;
While my heart with inner rapture thrills
As the moon beams filter through the trees.
Farewell Camp Man, Farewell to thee,
Camp Man we have thy lake and wooded shore.
Another year until we meet again
As in the glorious days of yore.
Happy thoughts shall linger in my mind
Of campfires and the whole day’s fun,
Through there’s still so much to seek and find
Yet this summer’s camping days are done.