The Jack Kohler Campership Association recognizes the efforts, dedication, blood sweat and tears that many give for the Scouts of Queens Council and the Scout Camping program of the Greater New York Councils. Whether they are a parent, scoutmaster, professional employee, Troop, Pack or District Committee member, camp staff, or dedicated volunteer, we say THANK YOU.

We take pride in recognizing some of these dedicated workers from time to time with the presentation of our “OUTSTANDING SCOUTER AWARD OF EXCELLENCE”.

Presentation to awardees takes place at our bi-annual luncheon. Click here for information on our 2015 event.

Here is a list of those that we have recognized in the past, for their never ending service to the Queens Council Boy Scouts and Camping.

Father Barry Frazzitta
Frank Boccabella, III
Bruce Cobern
Brother Hugh Dymski
Frank Imossi

Dennis St. Jean
George Cuhaj
Tom Dugan, Jr.
Marcelle Grant
Greg Hofer
Roy Kramer
Richard “Rick” Martin

Henry Behrens
Kevin Dolce
Norman Kara
Jim Tranchina
Henry Joerz, Sr.

Bob Ashman
Lorri McGregor
Charlie Rogers
Anthony Zalak
Gordon Bennett
Ralph DeFalco
Leona Knoops
Frank Kule
Jerry Reimer
William Schmitt

Rein Olivet
David Risueno
Mitch Morgenstern
John Zeller
Arthur H. Brace
Ralph Calman
Thomas Curry
Al Docket
Thomas Dugan, Sr.
Fran Falk
Louise Kara
Jack Knoops
Charlene Loiseau
John Pritchard

Wally Cary
Jim McKay
Hedy DeBonet
Amy Shapiro
Henry Zalak

Florence Cadogen
Richard Cordes
Bob Madsen
Robert Petrillo

Michael Cheverino
Trudy Gaynor
Eddy Petersen

Laurie Handler
Mike Lectora
Tom Maher
Richie Pignatelli
Tom Reilly


scout pioneers


The Jack Kohler Campership Association established its Lifetime Achievement Award in 2009 as a way to pay tribute to those dedicated and devoted scouters who have provided exceptional service to the Queens Council Boy Scouts of America. It is our way of saying thank you for all that they have done and are continuing to do for the youth of Queens County, New York.

Those we have recognized are listed below:


Ralph DeFalco

Ralph is probably the longest tenured SCOUTMASTER in Greater NY Councils, if not the region. He took over Elmhurst NY's Troop 17 as 'temporary' Scoutmaster in 1954 and he is still doing it today.

He was a member of the Troop as a boy and after the war years, was Asst SM of Troop 1 Tokyo--the first American Scout Troop formed in the Far East. He had been the Explorer Adviser to Post 17 prior to becoming Scoutmaster. Literally thousands of Scouts have passed through Troop 17's doors including current Supreme Court Justice Scalia, and Ralph remembers them all. The Troop just celebrated its 95th anniversary and over 50 alumni from as far back as the 1940's were in attendance.

The Troop has attended Scout summer camp at Ten Mile River Scout Camps every year since he was Scoutmaster and also introduced Scouts from throughout Queens Council to touring camps visiting most of the continental US states experiencing 'high adventure'--caving, hiking, biking, rafting, canoeing, etc. Besides Scoutmaster, Ralph has been Gateway District Chairman, and a member of the Advancement, Activities, Camping, high adventure and Training Committees of the District and Council over the years. He created Senior Patrol Leader Councils in the District and has become the locally recognized expert in recruitment of Boy Scouts. He is the Pathfinder District statistician and can repeat from memory advancement records dating back twenty years.

To list all of the activities, committees, jamborees, training courses that he has participated in would fill many pages, but he always did so keeping youth and boy leadership as the primary objective. He was awarded the Vigil Honor by Suanhacky Lodge 49 and received the name "Caring one who holds councils" A more apropos name could not be had. Ralph has earned the Scoutmaster Key, Scouters Training Award, District Award of Merit and the Silver Beaver. Ralph is the 'Scoutmasters' Scoutmaster' and is a good friend and counsel to many of scout leaders of today and yesterday.



Mitch Morgenstern

Mitch joined scouting in 1954 and went through the ranks as a Cub Scout, Boy Scout and Explorer attaining the rank of Life Scout also serving as a Den Chief, Senior Patrol Leader and Explorer Post President.

As an adult Scouter, Mitch served as a Assistant Scoutmaster, Associate Explorer Advisor, Neighborhood Commissioner, Assistant District Commissioner, District Vice Chairman, District Camping Chairman, District Camp-O-Ree Chief, Queens Council Camp-O-Ree Chief, Queens Council Camping Chairman and Vice President of Queens Council for Program. He received the Scouters Award, Scouters Key, Arrowhead Award, District Award of Merit, Silver Beaver and the Shofar Award. Mitch, is a Vigil Honor member of Suanhacky Lodge. He has been a Ten Mile River Camper since 1960 to the present. During the 1990’s Mitch Served as Vice Chairman of the Greater New York Councils Camping Committee as well as Adviser to the five New York City Lodges of the Order of the Arrow. Mitch has remained very active with various Council Committees, especially those pertaining to Camping and programming.

In 1986, a few years after the passing of longtime Queens Scouter Jack Kohler, Mitch organized a group of veteran Scouters to create a group that would not only pay honor to their friends memory, but to help allow Scouts from Queens Council to be able to go long term camping at Tem Mile River. Mitch’s dream was the Jack Kohler Campership Association, which has been going strong for 25 years, awarding camperships to Boy Scouts to be able to offset the cost of camp, so that they could attend. In recent years that was expanded to Queens Cub Scouts attending Cub World at Camp Alpine.

The Association born out of the desire to remember his good friend and help the Greater New York Councils camping program go above and beyond camperships. The Association has helped camp promotion activities, they have helped offset the cost of Suanhacky Lodge events and also have a scholarship available to Suanhacky Lodge Scouts to attend the National Order of the Arrow Conference. The Association also helps to defray the cost of maintenance to the Jack Kohler Cabin in Camp Alpine.

Knowing how important it is to say thank you, Mitch’s group has also been very much involved in the recognition of hard working Scouters from Queens with their Outstanding Scouter Award of Excellence given to Queens Scouters for their dedicated work, time and service to Scouting.



Joe Bradley

Joe was dedicated scouter and lifelong Troop and Pack 106 member. He was a volunteer scouter for 55 years and the GNYC Manger of Office Services for 14 years, and GNYC Program Director for one year.

Throughout his life Joe held many volunteer positions in scouting including: Assistant District Commissioner, Unit Commissioner, Roundtable Commissioner, Pathfinder District FOS Chair, Member of the Pathfinder District Activities Committee, Member-at-large, Scoutmaster, Cubmaster, Committee Chairman, Committee Member, Tiger, Wolf, Bear, Webelos den leader, Member of the international committee on scouting- GNYC International Representative. Joe also coordinated numerous National Jamborees for GNYC.

His training included: Wood Badge (Twice), Master of Commissioner Science, Scoutmaster Specific Training to name a few. Joe received many awards and honors for his service to scouting. His awards include: Woodbage, 50 year Veteran Award, District Award of Merit, Silver Beaver, Vigil Honor via Shu ShuGah Lodge, Founders Award via Suanhacky Lodge, Pathfinder District Lifetime Achievement Award, and Arrowhead Award.

Joe was one of the persons who never said no. Anything that you asked of him he would gladly do. He always had answers to questions, and if he did not have answers he would get them for you. Joe would go out of his way to help out anyone. No was not in his vocabulary.



Paul Lumpkin