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Scouting is Outing

One of the goals of the JACK KOHLER CAMPERSHIP ASSOCIATION is to help promote the spirit of Scout Camping. In an effort to achieve that goal and recognize those Scouts who have enjoyed the great outdoors, we have created the “I’m a Kohler Camper” Award. It is a wonderful way to recognize the ‘campers’ in your troop and promote camping. The award includes a 3-inch round patch (with button loop) and a certificate. (a nominal fee is charged per award)


Over a 12 month period, a Scout has:

  1. Attended at least 2 Troop overnight camp outs.
  2. Participated in a campfire program.
  3. Attended a District Camp-o-ree.
  4. Spent minimum of 1 week at Ten Mile River Scout Camp.

Every Scout in your Troop that meets these requirements is eligible to receive the “I’m a Kohler Camper” Award (patch and certificate).

Unfortunately, as of 2012, this program is No Longer in effect.