cabin dedication

Jack Kohler
Memorial Cabin

The Kohler Association is proud to sponsor a cabin in beautiful Camp Alpine in memory of Jack Kohler. Begining in 2003, the Association began donations of funds & material for general camp use at the request of the GNYC Camping Department. After a few years of such donations, the Association was offered to sponsor property at camp. The Board unanimously agreed to the endeavor.

Formerly known as Shelter-B Cabin, the Jack Kohler Cabin was officially rededicated in September 2008. Since then, the Association continues to make yearly donations for the cabin's upkeep. The Association also has occasional work weekends where members personally get involved with the cabin's maintennce.

As of 2016, the Association continues to sponsor the up-keep of the cabin, allowing for continued year-round use and enjoyment.

cabin dedication3
Deacon Paul Lumpkin completes opening prayer.

cabin dedication2
Chairmen Mitch Morgenstern speaks at the cabin's dedication.

cabin dedication4
Charlie Rogers, former GNYC Director of Camping,unveils new plaque.